is one of the major lowvoltage importer, manufacturer subsidiary and marketer incorporated in Malaysia since 1983

Our product range are from both established European and Asian manufacturers. They include Theben (Analogue/Digital time switches & motion detectors), Doepke-(MCBs & ELCBs), ABL-(Industrial Plug & Socket), Timeguard-(RCD Sockets), Brennenstuhl (RCD Plug & Socket), Mersen-(Fuses), Brehmer (Eurotester), Siemens-(KWh meter), Cirprotec-(ESE Lightning Rods & Surge Protective Devices), Dinuy (Doorchime), Emann-(Analogue/Digital KWh meters, Cable Tie), SPINNE-(Slotted Trunkings, Floor Trunkings, Cable Cover Plates & PVC Enclosure Boxes)

Electech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is our wholly own manufacturing subsidiary. We perform assembly of Theben 13amp Plugin time switch in Malaysia for Theben Germany. We perform injection, extrusion and assembly for PVC Slotted & Floor Trunkings, Cable Cover Plates, PVC Enclosures, Fuse holders and a range of wiring connectors/terminals

Our distribution network comprises of electrical wholesalers/dealers and stockist in Peninsular Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. We provide before and after sales technical advice and support including prompt and efficient delivery services. Research and Development towards technological enhancement for our existing product range and addition of new synergistic products is inherent in our commitment towards short and long term company growth.